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  • An atmosphere in which people love, honor, and affirm one another.
  • An expression that is multi-cultural and multi-generational.
  • An environment that is ever growing, changing, and taking big risks to reach others.
  • A commitment to excellence in spirit, lifestyle, relationships, and ministry.
  • A church engaged in the transformation of lives, communities, cities, and nations. 

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Rabbi Avraham and Rabitzim Irmeli

Rabbi Dr. Avraham and Rebbitzin Dr. Irmeli welcome you to the Calvary Messianic Congregation, where teaching the Messianic message of unity between Jewish people and non- Jewish believers is not only a passion of the heart, but a mission to the people. We live in a redemptive time in history, when Jewish people are finding their Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), and Gentile Christians are returning to the roots of their faith through the Torah and the festivals as handed down in the Tanakh (the Old Testament). WEEKLY SERVICES: /Friday Eve Shabbat & Meal (Oneg Shabbat.) /Service starts at 7pm with the Lighting of the Sabbath candles, Prayer for Israel, and Messianic Praise and Worship. Join us for Shabbat Dinner (Oneg) after the service. You may bring a Kosher dish to share: Foods, drinks, or desserts for fellowship dinner after the service. /Saturday Morning Shabbat (Torah Study.) Services start at 11:00 am followed by Jerusalem Dance Class @ 1:30pm  and first day of the week (Sunday) Worship Service @ 11:00 am. /Tuesday prayer at 11:00 a.m. /Every other Thursday International Bible University/Messianic Institute @ 6:00 pm. Also check out the events we are having this year!

Rabbi Dr. Avraham and Rebbitzin Dr. Irmeli are the Senior Pastors of Founders of Good News Churches in Sri Lanka and Calvary Messianic Congregation, International Bible University and International Messianic Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have traveled extensively into many nations speaking in churches, conferences. He holda a Doctorate of Divinity and Rebbitzin Dr. Irmeli holds a Phd. in Theology. They have been married for 43 years and have two daughters. The entire Rabbi's family is engaged in serving and building the local church and their daughters hold Doctorates.

The Calvary Messianic Judaica Shop serves everyone around the world with books and other Messianic Judaica available for purchase.   The presence of our shop encourages everyone to learn about their Jewish roots of faith and the Word of G-d. Visit our shop for a variety of beautiful products. Call for more information: 918-293-0290 or email: heavenlyfamily@hotmail.com

Our values are the underlying beliefs that motivate us to pursue the mission of “loving our city to life”. From the moment you walk through the doors you will see these values expressed in a wide variety of ways through our relationships, worship, teaching and ministries.

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